Top Reasons to Install Bamboo Fencing for Your Garden

It’s a fact that Aussies love visiting exotic destinations for their holidays. And for many homeowners, bringing something back from their memorable trips is a must.

And what better way to bring a year-long holiday vibe to your Adelaide abode than to install bamboo fencing right in your own backyard?

Bamboo fencing can instantly transform your garden design into a tropical paradise.

Whether you are a fan of tiki-themed spaces or zen gardens, bamboo is the perfect material to work with as it adds a natural and earthy element to your outdoor space.

Top Reasons to Install Bamboo Fencing

There are a lot of benefits in choosing bamboo as the material for fencing. Homeowners in Adelaide can enjoy these perks, which include:

  • It’s affordable

Bamboo fencing might look expensive, but actually, it’s a great cost-effective option for your home. At less than $100 per panel, you can cover your whole yard and get a stunning look for a fraction of what you’d spend for brick, metal or other types of fencing.

  • You’re helping the environment

Unlike other species of wood, bamboo is incredibly sustainable as it has a healthy growth rate and can thrive just about anywhere. In fact, while most trees used for wood panels and fences need decades to grow, bamboo takes only 3 years to fully grow!

Harvesting bamboo doesn’t entail deforestation. That means that even if you choose to install bamboo screening, bamboo pool fences and such, you need not worry about harming the environment.

  • It’s stronger than regular wood

Because bamboo is pliant and flexible, it can withstand any weather condition. With proper maintenance, it can last for decades.

Of course, the fencing will lose some of its natural colour, but the toughness remains the same. And if you want to keep the lovely colour, there are bamboo treatments available on the market.

  • It’s incredibly versatile

Whether you want simple bamboo fence panels for your lawn, a feature wall for your outdoor bar or a fence for your pool – bamboo can be used in a lot of ways. Different colours, height options and combinations can truly make your garden stand out.

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Bamboo Fencing Ideas

Bamboo can be used anywhere in your backyard, and here are some tried-and-tested ideas you can consider:

  1. Patio wall

Bamboo can replace those dull, lifeless concrete walls. Bamboo fence panels can transform a sitting area into a summery tropical escape.

  1. Freestanding screen

If you’re tired of the regular chain link fence, you can opt for thicker bamboo panels to be placed in a row that serves as a freestanding fence. Internal bamboo sticks ensure that the whole screen will be stable.

  1. Panels combined with concrete frame

Bamboo can add that lush, deep wood feel for your garden. And if combined with a concrete bottom, it can be protected from direct contact with moisture.

  1. Bamboo fence with light fixtures

A rich, dark bamboo fence already makes a strong statement, but you can further enhance its aesthetic impact by installing light fixtures on the fence itself. This will illuminate the bamboo’s texture at night and add a warm, romantic feel.

  1. Thick and thin bamboo poles

With bamboo fencing, you can combine both thick and thin poles. Use the thicker ones to create a frame, while the thin ones serve as the main screen panels.

  1. Bamboo pergola

As a bonus idea, you can also install a bamboo pergola to go with your bamboo fencing. It will be an attractive way to provide shelter for your outdoor seating area and make it cosier.

Caring for Your Bamboo Fence

Like all other fencing materials, bamboo comes with its care requirements. What’s great about it is that you’ll have an easier time with the upkeep as bamboo is pretty low-maintenance. With bamboo fencing, maintaining gardens becomes cost-effective and hassle-free.

Here are some helpful ways to keep your bamboo fencing in the best shape:

  1. Give your fencing a general cleaning after about a year of installation.

Get a special bamboo-cleaning solution to spray on the entire surface of your panels. Scrub and wash away dirt build-up from the fencing, then let the bamboo air-dry for a couple of days.

When the bamboo is dry, apply weather-protection sealant, preferably one that contains fungicide and UV protection. Apply at least three coats (allowing drying time for each) to fully protect your bamboo fencing.

For future garden care and maintenance, clean and re-seal your bamboo fence panels every 2 to 3 years.

  1. Prevent mould from forming on the bottom of the bamboo fencing by keeping it dry and free from the ground’s moisture.

Mould is one issue with bamboo fencing, as it can attract fungi and such if exposed to wet ground. One way to address this is by installing a spacer between the ground and the bottom of the bamboo. That way, the bottom doesn’t touch the wet soil.

Also, do regular lawn mowing and trimming, especially in areas around the bamboo fence base. And don’t forget about your sprinkler system – position it so that it won’t dampen the bamboo base.

In cases where mould continues to grow on your bamboo fencing, a vinegar solution or fungicide spray will be your best option.

  1. Enhance your bamboo fencing’s natural colour.

Bamboo fence panels are quite durable, but being exposed to the elements can wreak havoc on its natural appearance.

Since bamboo generally fades over time, you have to stain it to keep it looking shiny and vibrant. A rich oil-based stain is recommended – it brings out the colour and at the same time increases the wood’s lifespan.

You can choose from lighter tones like light cedar to darker hues, like dark oak and black walnut, when staining your fence.

Staining is part of maintaining your bamboo fence as stains are designed to enhance the colour and also reinforce the bamboo against wear and tear.

A renewable and affordable option, bamboo fencing is a great addition to your outdoor space. It involves simple caring measures, and in return brings so much aesthetic appeal and protection that you can enjoy for years. Contact us for the options.