Keeping a garden green and healthy all year round can prove to be hard work even for the best of us. Busy schedules and lack of equipment could sometimes discourage families to prune, trim and mow their outdoor spaces. A great solution to keeping your garden looking fabulous is to hire experts that can do the work for you.

Garden-R is here to partner with you in maintaining your ideal garden. We are passionate about maintaining gardens by finding the best ways to care for your foliage and keep it well-groomed and vibrant for your family and guests to enjoy.

Trimming and Pruning

It’s a beautiful thing to watch trees and plants grow well. However, there can be a problem if they are left unattended and grow out of control.

We at Garden-R do trimming and pruning for your precious plants and trees. We determine which parts are decaying or diseased and cut these parts from the plant. What you are left with are healthy branches that encourage growth of your greenery. With Garden-R, you can grow plants the right way.

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Boost Plants and Soil Health

Your outdoor garden needs water and nutrients to thrive. With Garden-R, you can be sure that your trees, shrubs and flowering plants stay healthy and strong. We provide fertilising services that enable your garden soil to be enriched. This gives your greenery their much-needed nutrients.

We first check your soil to determine what type of additional nutrients and compost it needs. Our crew then improves soil quality by incorporating organic material – manure, compost pile, and garden waste consisting of shredding and leaves – into your existing soil.

We do this carefully so that we don’t use them excessively, especially if your soil is already quite healthy. What’s more, Garden-R crew determines the appropriate time to add these fertilisers, usually a couple of weeks prior to digging for new plants into the plot. This enriches the soil to be used for newly added vegetation.

Weed and Pest Control

Weeds can be a persistent problem for your garden as it stubbornly reappears on your soil. Weeds have to be removed immediately because they rob your plants of moisture and nutrients that are meant for them.

You’ll be wasting resources if you enrich the earth with fertilisers but don’t take the weeds out. This is why it’s better to get professional garden maintenance service to deal with nasty weeds.

Fortunately, Garden-R offers weed extraction services that use physical and chemical methods to prevent weeds from spreading. You no longer have to worry about diseased plants and undernourished shrubs; we take care of removing weeds that compete with your planted greens.

Garden-R inspects your soil and the foliage closely to see if pest control needs to be done. We do prompt weed extraction and pest control so that harmful aphids and fungi are removed from your garden. It is our business to keep your garden healthy.

Water and Irrigation Services

Since plants are made up of over 90% water, they need proper hydration to stay healthy. Watering plants has to be done correctly. This means that you need to know the right amount of water, soil moisture, and where to water your plants.

Garden-R has experienced crew members that put only the necessary amount of water per plant variety. We also hydrate plants early in the day when the weather is cooler to maintain moisture. Also, we keep the foliage and flowers dry when irrigating, which is very important since wet leaves and flowers are more prone to disease.

Our crew uses drip irrigation system that allows water to drip slowly to the plant roots, directly watering the root zone and reducing evaporation. This makes the plants absorb the water more efficiently, without wetting their leaves.

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