A home wouldn’t be complete without a lush garden to liven up the outdoor space. Aside from increasing the house’s value, a garden enables families to entertain guests, play with pets and engage in many enjoyable and relaxing moments together.

Gardens need regular upkeep to stay green and beautiful. But aside from the trimming, lawn mowing and hedging, gardens also entail homeowners to work on another important task: gutter cleaning.

For most families, maintaining quality gutters is quite hard. Climbing the ladder alone to remove leaves and debris can prove to be too dangerous for most people. And if you’re not used to the work, not only will you risk damaging your home, you can be seriously injured as well!

Fortunately, Garden-R offers professional gutter cleaning services where you can hand over to our crew every roof and gutter cleaning task. We have special equipment and training that ensures your gutters are cleaned right away.

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Importance of Keeping Gutters Clean

Thorough cleaning of roof and gutters keep them in tip-top condition. Leaves can build up and clog the spouts, cause damage to your roof and “fascia”, which is the board behind the gutter. In fact, blocked gutters can lead to more serious home issues like structural damage, leaks and flooding, even landscape erosion.

With Garden-R, you don’t need to worry about water damage and clogging issues. Our gutter cleaning services are comprehensive enough for either a once off visit or a regular maintenance program. Your gutters will remain clean and damage-free with our help.

Gutter Cleaning Services

Our professional gutter services include assessing the state of your gutters and roofing. We then begin cleaning near the downspout, removing the larger debris with a trowel. The smaller dirt particles are flushed with a gutter-cleaner attachment on the hose. We repeat the process until the downspout is clean and the water can drain freely.

We also check the drain end and if there are holes or leaks on the downspout, we remove it from the pipe, put a small nozzle on the hose, and lock the cleaning water at full pressure so that it clears any debris from the downspout. A snake tool can also be used to clear any blockage and clear the gutter flow.

Gutter Repair and Maintenance

Garden-R not only cleans gutters, we also do a great job of checking if there is any damage or repair that needs to be done. An annual inspection by our crew guarantees gutters are in working condition.

In addition to inspection, we can make gutter maintenance simpler by installing a gutter guard system. Gutter guard lets the water from the roof flow freely and keeps debris from accumulating on the gutters. We provide options for homeowners, whether they prefer curved vinyl, metal or micro mesh guards. There are pros and cons for each type of gutter guard, and we plan with families well to decide the best suitable gutter guard for the home.

We highly recommend that you leave gutter cleaning and repair to us. Our manner of working safely means your family can keep enjoying your home and garden for a long time.

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Safety Measures

Garden-R crew is experienced at dealing with all types of gutters. We work at heights whether your home is single storey to two storeys, and our high-quality procedures reach even debris that are not easily seen. We can schedule maintenance during spring and fall seasons, where garden waste can easily build up on the roof.

Through our years of experience doing professional work, your gutters will be clean and functional through the years.