Gardens provide a great space for relaxation in your home. If you want a great-looking garden all throughout the year, then there should be proper garden care and maintenance that enables your foliage to grow lively.

Garden maintenance tasks like trimming, pruning and mowing can be done right away if you partner with us. Garden-R provides you with a wide selection of services that you can have on either a once off or a regular basis. You don’t need to do backbreaking work if you don’t want to; we will take care of all the garden work for you.

Garden Hedging

At Garden-R, we have a skilled and professional crew that can work on hedgerows for your outdoor space. This is a great addition to your garden because it can provide a bit of privacy while at the same time increase the aesthetic appeal of your land.

We take pride in our precision work when shaping hedges, whether you want streamlined, formal looking rows or a topiary display. We use only the best hedge trimmers and tools to cut even those hard-to-reach areas. Also, we do careful measuring of hedge work using a level, wooden stakes and strings that are set up along the shrubs.

Plus, if you need us to plant some shrubs for bare areas, we can do that as well.

Proper Plant Care

Constant caring for shrubs and trees ensures that your plants absorb enough sunlight, water and nutrients. At Garden-R, we take good care of both the appearance and the health of your plants.

Crossing branches are a big no-no for your trees, as these compete structurally and rub open wounds on the bark. Our crew manages these by helping the branches spread outwardly so that every branch can have good access to light and moisture. Garden-R professionals will prune branches that make your trees unruly and unhealthy.

What’s more, we are experts in caring for rose gardens, since these are quite a favourite in all types of living spaces. Garden-R knows that roses can be intimidating for many novice gardeners, which is why we partner with you to practice maintaining for these colourfully beautiful bushes.

Pruning roses is generally done in the springtime, when the leaf buds are beginning to swell and the bumps on the canes are getting larger and reddish in colour. We prune your roses before the buds break open. Especially with hybrid tea roses, pruning this species has to be done at the precise time. The Garden-R crew members check what type of rose you have and put options for you to find the ideal schedule.

Before hedging" width="450" height="600" data-orig-src="/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/HEDGE-BEFORE.jpg">After hedging" width="450" height="600" data-orig-src="/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/HEDGE-AFTER.jpg">

Trimming and Pruning

Gardening activities take a lot of work, and if you partner with Garden-R, we will get it done while you relax at home. For instance, we offer trimming and pruning services that keep shrubs and trees healthy. Our expert crew knows proper trimming techniques that allow light and air to reach the plant while removing the damaged or diseased branches.

We simply cut the unwanted branches on fruit trees, broad leaf trees and other perennials. Pruning removes sprouts that take nutrients away from the healthier parts of the tree. And our crew knows when best to do it, depending on the plant type.

For instance, we trim flowering shrubs right after they bloom, while summer flowers are pruned in early spring or winter. Plants, meanwhile, are trimmed to make way for newly sprouting growth. Our excellent pruning techniques and other gardening services ensure that your shrubs and trees grow well, and your garden stays spruced up whatever the season.