Have a Pre-sale Garden Makeover and Boost Your Home’s Value

Thinking of selling your Adelaide home for the highest price possible?

We at Garden-R can help you achieve just that.
A potential home buyer needs only a few seconds to decide if your property is worth it or not. And the garden is one of the biggest factors in any home sale. If it is inviting and beautiful, buyers are immediately swept away.

Our Pre-sale Garden Makeover gives you the best-looking outdoor space that will significantly increase your property value!

Garden-R Brings Beauty and Value to Your Home

We understand that buyers in Adelaide put a premium on beautiful gardenscapes. It’s one of the most important areas in the home where one can relax, socialize, and enjoy the natural surroundings.

Garden-R helps you design the perfect garden that will surely captivate your potential buyers.

With an amazing outdoor space, you get to amp up the value of your home and secure thousands of dollars in return value!

Indeed, experts agree that there is always a positive ROI on a garden makeover. Whether it’s a simple or a grand overhaul, the increase in value can range from 5 to 20 percent!

Just like the importance of making a good impression when meeting someone for the first time, your garden is the face of your home. With a pre-sale garden makeover, you can increase your chances of having a successful sale.

Why should you handle it all by yourself if we can do it for you?

The Garden-R team of horticulturists and landscaping experts can enhance your backyard and curb appeal without all of the stress piling on your shoulders. We come in and ready the garden to be in tip-top shape and wow your potential buyers.

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How We Do a Garden Makeover

Need a pre-sale garden makeover?

Here are a few ways we can beautify your property’s outdoor space:

  • Give presentation advice
  • Trim hedges and reshape shrubs
  • Remove unattractive plants and replace them with a vibrant array of foliage
  • Re-pot and re-style flowerbeds and vegetable patches
  • Keep the lawn green and trimmed
  • High-pressure cleaning of shed and structures within the space
  • Dispose of garden rubbish

With Garden-R, your garden will look fantastic in a matter of days. Our custom touch will spruce up the garden for open house events, promotional photography and periodic visits from interested buyers.

We can even give it a quick once-over before your buyers check out your home.

Have a stress-free garden makeover with us!

Save Time and Earn More with a Garden Makeover

Garden-R knows that selling a property entails focusing on the details that win buyers over.

Our garden makeover services will keep your space looking flawless throughout all your open houses. You can schedule regular lawn mowing, weeding and cleaning services to keep the garden looking fresh and clean.

No need to worry about shelling out a huge amount for a garden makeover. With Garden-R, you will be in the hands of talented landscaping experts who have years of experience getting a garden ready for sale.

Our team can help boost your home’s value by tens of thousands, to make sure you get a healthy return for your efforts!

Garden-R offers free onsite consultation for homeowners in Adelaide.

Book your consultation or send us a message today—and get your house ready on the market right away!