Whether you choose to use a gardening service or choose to do the research yourself, the best types of flower gardens and garden beds are ones that incorporate multiple types of blooms, grasses, vines, and shrubbery. However, before one can design the layout of the garden, specific plant types must be chosen. This choice will be dependent on a lot of factors like how you want your garden to perform together, what type of texture are you going for, and how much work you want to put into the upkeep. When the wrong plants are chosen, they can lead to neglected yards and abandoned flowers which ultimately makes the garden investment not worthwhile.

To avoid this, here are a few questions you can use to determine which plants you want in your garden bed.

Climate and type of garden

The first step is to determine what your climate is and how it will affect the growing season, the hardiness of your plants, and the overall micro-climate of your garden bed. For instance, plants that are fragile to heat or arid temperatures are not going to do well in a desert or frigid climate. The idea here is to understand what your climate is and plant accordingly. If you get a lot of rain, snow, or wind, you’re going to have to use various techniques and the right type of plants to ensure success.

The next step is to determine what type of garden you want and whether wildlife is a hindrance or not. For instance, you may want a woodland garden which is comprised of woodland plants, wildflowers, and greenery or you may want a butterfly garden which requires specific types of flowers like the fennel, butterfly bush, aster, and salvia. Or you may choose to go with a fruit or vegetable garden, which of course, means pests are unwelcome, or you may choose to go with a flower garden. The idea here is to determine what type of garden and garden style you want so you can use a gardening service to help you pick out the appropriate types of plants.

Now figure out how much maintenance you are willing to put into the garden. For instance, if you are planning on using a gardening service to create a flower bed garden, then you’re going to need to decide whether you want annuals, biennials, or perennials.

Annual plants

Annuals only live for one season and are perfect for those who want to change up their garden from year to year. Common annuals include the petunia, sunflower, geranium, begonia, and snapdragon.

Biennial plants

Biennials follow the same cycle as annuals but last for two seasons instead of one. The important thing to note here is that biennials will only bloom during the second season. Climates directly and drastically affect the life cycle of these plants. Common types include foxglove, poppy, wallflower, Canterbury bells.

Perennial plants

Perennials grow year after year and often last three seasons but may last longer if there is proper care and appropriate weather. Common types include tulips, bleeding hearts, hydrangea, butterfly busy, lavender, and iris.

In addition to choosing the right plants, you will also want to look at whether your gardening space is sunny or primarily in the shade as this will have a direct impact on what plants will be successful.

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