…Hint: It all starts with a vibrant garden design & attention-getting garden landscaping!

Your dream of a year-round, blooming garden is within your hand’s grasp. Smell the bouquet of floral scents filling your senses every time you open your door or window. Listen as the birds sing inside your garden and the wind brushes against the rose petals. Not to mention, the colourful sights that improve your morale and grab your guests’ attention. All of that isn’t only possible but also within reach with unique garden landscaping.

Searching for Garden Landscaping Design Ideas!

Ideally, your first stop for garden design ideas is your imagination. Try to dream up your personal garden. Imagine patterns, form, scale, and don’t forget the site. If you’ve a little bit of a rusty imagination or you’ve more important things to do, you might want to consider gardening magazines as your next stop.

Fine Gardening, Amateur Gardening, Gardening Australia, and more. You will find bucket-loads of ideas in these magazines. Gaze at heaps of inspiring garden pictures. Hopefully, it’ll spark your imagination.

You can also use other peoples’ imaginations! Join social networks, especially, Pinterest where people of share tons of ideas every second. A quick search on that website can yield thousands of garden design ideas.

Trust me, if you’re still uninspired after taking these steps, only a landscape designer can help you.

Planning Your Garden Design Idea: Explore Your Options!

Inevitably, your dream garden can’t become a reality without landscaping. But landscaping needs a scary-good idea. That’s why you need to spend all the time you need on forming your concept.

But what if you’ve your idea and want to apply it? The next step is to seek professional guidance especially if your plan is grand. No matter if you’re fashioning your garden from a scratch or making significant changes, you’ll need a professional.

“If you want to have plant success, you must choose the right plant for the right place.”
Kate Seddon, Garden Designer

Keep in mind: small changes you can make yourself doesn’t warrant the help of a landscape architecture.

The most important two reasons to seek professional help:

  1. We know the best building material for the weather in Sydney.
  2. We know what to plant and when for best results.

In the planning stage, it’s necessary to set boundaries to avoid high expectations. Still, you’ve unlimited options, share your idea with your gardening experts and see how they can refine and realize it.

Best of all: you can get a free consultation, no strings attached.

The Moment of Truth: How Much Should I Spend On Garden Landscape Design

Most people freak out when it comes to budgeting their garden landscaping. But it’s effortless when you know the basics.

No matter how small or significant your dream garden, your budget will follow. Some people would think of it as an investment in their homes and allocate a generous budget as it’ll increase the overall value of their home.

Some people want a small and compact garden, while others must-have a luxurious oasis. It all depends on your taste and style.

Consider the following:

  • Plants: Surprisingly, they’ll cost the least, depending on your preferences.
  • Fencing/walls: they’ll cost a lot but if security is not a significant issue, there’s a cheap replacement.
  • Lighting: high-end fixtures will do the same job as hidden spotlights in the grass.

Of course, options abound. We strongly recommend that you choose the idea first and build on it. Everything will fall into place gradually. If you get stuck, consult a professional.